““Executive function and self-regulation skills enable kids to plan ahead, make decisions, solve complex problems, organize their time and workspace, and maintain focus even when bombarded by multiple distractions. The path to building these internal skills begins with creating external guides that walk children through these processes until they become automatic”.” CHRISTY BRADY SMITH PhD Owner and Developmental Psychologist, Nature Nurture Knowledge

“Children who are organized spend less time on homework assignments and experience less frustration. Include your child in the development of organization strategies to promote a sense of ownership and personal responsibility. Teach your child how to make a daily checklist then encourage your child to check off each task as he completes it. Prepare your child for the next day by reviewing the schedule of activities. Planning ahead will help reduce stress and confusion.” HEATHER WHITE

“I pick out an entire week's worth of clothes on Sunday night — shoes, dresses, earrings and oh, even my undergarments!” TAMERON HALL National Correspondent for NBC News

“My seven year old can now keep track of his own things! No more books, school uniforms, toys, sports stuff scattered all over the house. Buoy has created a useful and fun organizational system that teaches kids responsibility for their own things” JENNY Mom of two boys

“Encourage children to keep track of their activities, chores, and homework using checklists.” SARAH DORMAN AboutKidsHealth

“It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.” ANN LANDERS Advice Columnist

“Every parent longs to raise kids who are secure. We want our young children to become confident teens and eventually mature adults. Teaching our kids personal responsibility builds their confidence as they learn to do things for themselves.” SUSAN YATES

“Set aside some time each Sunday night to plan out your outfits for the week. This one step will save you a ton of time, plus it guarantees that your outfits will be cuter and more put-together. When you are rushing at the last minute in the morning, you're more likely to grab whatever is in front of you, instead of a stylish outfit.” According to

“I plan Bryn’s outfits for the week. They grow & seasons change so I want her to wear everything!” BETHENNY FRANKEL Celebrity Business Woman and Mother

“This is perfect for organizing my cheer clothes and uniforms that I have to wear to school each week.” ALLYSON, Age 16

“I love the idea of empowering my boys to be responsible for their own activities and uniforms.” KATIE Mom of two boys

“I'm excited to be less stressed getting ready in the morning.” TOMMY, Age 11

“What I really like about the company is that they help kids! And they help the grown-ups not SCREAM at the kids!” CHARLIE, Age 8

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